Breedlove Acoustic Guitars & Accessories

Arden's Music is proud to offer Breedlove Acoustic Guitars – we always have a great selection available. If you’re looking for a specific product you don’t see, contact our on-site experts. We’re here to help!

Breedlove Acoustic Guitars


At Breedlove, we've been dreaming, designing and crafting tomorrow's guitars today for 30 years, right here in Bend, Oregon.
We have a fierce pride of the place. We breathe the mountain air, we walk in the forest, we talk to the trees. We believe in nature, we believe in music, we believe in community, just like you.
Every Breedlove player is unique, inspired. So we are inspired. We believe you should sing your song.
Play Breedlove - Play better, sound better, play more.