Sabian 10" B8X Splash

Sabian 10" B8X Splash

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The 10" B8X Splash is extremely fast and bright with punchy, high-end cut for fast accents. These make an ideal first or second splash for a kit, giving you greater versatility ands more options on satge or in the studio. Featuring precision forming, hammering and lathing, the sounds are pure and tonally tight. The B8X series from Sabian makes your first move into precious metal cymbals an easy and affordable one.

The cutting sound of pure bronze, the Sabian B8 series is an ideal first step for drummers looking to get into their first set of bronze cymbals at a great value. With a wide range of models to choose from, B8 is easy to get into.

B8 Bronze

B8, or 2002 bronze/CuSn8 by Paiste, consists of 92 percent copper to 8 percent tin. B8 is used for its extra bright and focused sonority which is targeted toward genres such as punk and metal, that often require loud, cutting cymbals to pierce through the volume and distortion of amplified guitars.

  • STYLE Focused
  • METAL B8
  • SOUND Bright
  • WEIGHT Thin