Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb

Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb

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The Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb is one of the most versatile and prized guitar amplifiers of all time. It's versatile enough to go from the bedroom to the recording studio to the gig with the great sound and authentic vintage vibe that Fender players know and love. The Tone Master Princeton Reverb delivers classic Fender tone, reverb and tremolo; and it's the perfect size for guitarists who want a moderately powered amplifier for any situation.

Additional rear-panel features deliver modern convenience and flexibility—including an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings, balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations, mute switch for silent stage or recording use, USB port for firmware upgrades, and more.


Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity
Two - (1/4", Input 2 operates at -6dB)
One - (Balanced XLR with Ground Lift and Level Control)
Reverb, Tremolo
USB For Firmware Updates
50W into 8Ω (Simulates 12W Tube Amp Performance)
Vintage-Style Skirted Black Plastic
Black Textured Vinyl
Lightweight Solid Pine
Molded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps
Red (Power), Red/Amber (Warmup), Amber (Mute)
Power, Mute, Output Power Selector, Cabinet Simulator, Line Out Level, Ground Lift
One - 10" Jensen® C10R with Ceramic Magnet

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