Performances at Arden's Music

    Experience the Magic of Music at Arden's Recitals:

    Unforgettable Moments Await

    At Arden's Music, we go beyond traditional music lessons, offering a dynamic range of experiences that celebrate the joy of music. From the electrifying 'I've Got a Gig,' where students join a band in a real rockin' environment backed by our teachers, to the heartwarming holiday tunes of our Christmas Recitals, we provide unique opportunities for every music enthusiast.

    Immerse yourself in the rhythm of our musical community and witness the growth of our talented students. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting your journey, Arden's Music is the place where passion meets performance.

    Join Us Today and Elevate Your Musical Experience! Enroll in our lessons or participate in one of our upcoming events. Let's make music together!

    Students performing on stage with a band at Arden's Music 'I've Got a Gig!' electric recital in a vibrant venue.


    The Arden's Music team has had an amazing time hosting our newest type of electric recital. "I've Got a Gig!" is designed to be just that - a gig where the student has a band (hosted by the teaching staff) to play songs in a real, rockin' environment!

    Festive Christmas recital at Arden's Music, featuring students sharing holiday cheer through music, set against a backdrop of warmth and celebration.


    Our Christmas recitals at Arden's Music are a celebration of both the progress student's have made, and performing traditional Christmas songs that everyone loves. In many cases it may be a student's first time performing and it's a perfect way to finish off the year before the Christmas Holidays!

    Intimate acoustic performance at Arden's Music's Acoustic Cafe, featuring a student playing in a cozy coffeehouse setting.


    Our Acoustic Cafes at Arden's Music are designed to be a comfortable performance environment in a coffeehouse setting. These cafes will highlight the students that are into singing and/or playing!

    Summer recital at Arden's Music, showcasing students' musical talents in a traditional end-of-the-year performance, with emphasis on piano, voice, and ukulele.


    The Arden's Music Summer Recitals are designed to be a traditional end-of-the-year performance for students. These recitals typically highlight the piano, voice, and ukulele but are open to any student who wants to perform. We want to highlight you!